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Kronos wins the 50th Batavierenrace!

| Roy van Zijl | 3

50 Kronauts versus running 175 kilometers during the 50th Batavierenrace, from the title of this story you can already guess who won this battle. Whoever predicted a victory for Kronos team 1 prior to the Bata, I (and many others with me) would have declared crazy. Team 2 also performed extremely well, despite the fact that they just missed their goal of the top 50 (among other things due to a very questionable time penalty), so that all of Kronos can look back on a wonderful anniversary edition of the Batavierenrace.

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Good results after a night of partying!

| Marjolein Bolten | 2

Still reminiscing about the Batavierenrace and party, at 10 a.m. the first athletes were already on the athletics track in Hengelo for the first competition match of the year. This year Kronos was present with 2 men's and 2 women's teams and a total of 35 enthusiastic Kronauts.

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A (wet) successful Campusloop 2022

| Daan Gestel

Not even half a year has passed since the last Campusloop and already another one is being organised. On Wednesday 6 April, we organised the Kronos Campusloop on the usual date a few weeks before the Bata. This time for the first time in three years without Corona restrictions. Let's keep it that way!

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